Beirut's Role Crucial to Restoring Regional Peace

Beirut's Role Crucial to Restoring Regional PeaceBeirut's Role Crucial to Restoring Regional Peace

The senior advisor to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on foreign affairs highlighted the role of Lebanon in helping promote peace and security and combat terrorism in the region.

"Iran attaches great significance to the role played by the Lebanese government and nation in helping establish balance, peace and security in the region (and eliminate) extremist and takfiri groups," Ali Akbar Velayati told reporters after a meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam in Beirut on Monday.

A takfiri is a Muslim who accuses followers of other faiths and some Islamic sects of being unbelievers.

He praised Salam for properly handling his country's affairs since taking office last year, IRNA reported.

"Over the past one year, since Mr. Salam assumed office, he has managed to efficiently run Lebanon's important affairs."

In the meeting, Salam underlined Iran's important position in the region, saying that it can play a key role in helping resolve regional issues.

He pointed to Beirut-Tehran relations in various fields and stressed the need to expand ties between the two countries.

Velayati also sat down with Lebanon's Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Monday.

After the meeting, he praised the "victories" by the Hezbollah movement against rebels in a Syrian region on the Lebanese border, saying, "We are filled with pride and appreciation when we see that in recent days, the valiant Lebanese resistance (Hezbollah) has achieved great progress and excellent victories alongside the brave Syrian army."

"We believe this will strengthen the axis of resistance, not just in Syria and Lebanon, but in the whole region," AFP quoted him as saying.

"We hope, with God's will, to see the day when some regional powers will stop supporting and harboring these evil, unjust forces, whether in Syria or Lebanon, and to stop providing a haven for them – so that we can return harmony, security and stability to all of Syria and Lebanon."