Bahrain Envoy Summoned

Bahrain Envoy SummonedBahrain Envoy Summoned

Iran summoned the Bahraini charge d’affaires and handed him a strong note of protest against the recent inappropriate comments by the foreign minister of the Persian Gulf kingdom.

The foreign ministry summoned the Bahraini envoy, in the absence of the Bahraini ambassador to Tehran, on Monday to urge the kingdom’s officials to rectify their conduct and comments, Press TV reported.

The ministry recommended the Bahraini government focus on the root causes of the ongoing problems in the Arab country to help settle them.

Iran also emphasized that playing a blame game and leveling accusations against other countries cannot help solve the Bahraini woes.

In a recent post on his Twitter account, Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa has alleged that Iran interferes in the internal affairs of the kingdom.