Productive Talks

Productive  TalksProductive  Talks

The Russian deputy foreign minister hailed as “productive” the latest round of negotiations between Iran and the major powers on Tehran’s nuclear program in Vienna.  

“We had a very focused, intense and productive exchange,” Sergei Ryabkov told Hispan TV on Friday, adding that the talks have shown “constant and sustained progress.”  The Russian official commended efforts by all the sides involved in Iran’s nuclear talks, voicing optimism over reaching an agreement “in time”.  I think we have proven over recent period that political will is there to resolve even the most difficult issues … What’s most important in my view is that we are getting more confident that we can get there in time.” Ryabkov, however, admitted “there are several issues that are still under discussion and consideration,” saying that the parties are trying to find “a common ground or common denominator” to bridge the differences.