Foreign Meddling Destabilizes Region

Foreign Meddling Destabilizes RegionForeign Meddling Destabilizes Region

Iran criticized the United States for supporting Saudi Arabia in its military campaign against Yemen, saying foreign meddling is the root cause of instability in the troubled Middle East.

“Instability in the region is rooted in the foreign interference in the affairs of this region,” Press TV quoted Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham as saying on Tuesday.

She added that such interference has “not only threatened stability and security (in the region), but has also prevented the formation of deep cooperation as well as strong and constructive interaction based on the mutual interests of the countries in this region.”

Afkham also censured the US for turning a blind eye to the massacre of innocent civilians in Yemen.  In addition, she Afkham rejected remarks by US officials that Iran’s activities in the region are destabilizing.