President Receives New Envoys

President Receives New EnvoysPresident Receives New Envoys

President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday received newly appointed ambassadors of Armenia and Bulgaria, who submitted their credentials to the president.

In the meeting with the Armenian envoy, Rouhani called for expansion of wide-ranging ties with the neighboring country and said, “There are no obstacles in the way of boosting Tehran-Yerevan ties,” IRNA reported.  

He noted that increased collaboration in economic, political and cultural spheres would be “in the interest of the two sides.”

Calling for pursuing the implementation of joint projects under agreements between the two countries, Rouhani said in addition to bilateral relations, “Iran and Armenia have also had “acceptable collaboration in the international arena.”  

The president also praised the Armenian community residing in Iran as “nice and active citizens who are law-abiding,” urging increased scientific and academic cooperation as well as the exploitation of the capacities in the field of tourism to help forge bonds between the two nations.  

Artashes Tumanyan, for his part, conveyed the greetings of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan to Rouhani and said during his tenure he will make every effort to help boost mutual cooperation in all fields.

“Numerous fields are available for promoting bilateral cooperation between the two neighboring countries and they both have the required determination to do so,” Tumanyan noted.

  Bulgaria a Bridge to Europe

In another meeting with the new Bulgarian ambassador, President Rouhani said in view of the fact that Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe, it can act as a “bridge” to link Iran to Europe, especially in the field of energy.  

Saying that the Tehran-Sofia political ties go back to a hundred years ago, Rouhani declared Iran’s readiness to enhance economic, political and cultural ties with Bulgaria. He also called for using the potential of tourist attractions in the two countries to help strengthen relations.

Hristo Polendakov, in turn, said senior authorities in his country are willing to boost collaboration with the Islamic Republic, adding he will try to help increase bilateral relations in all fields, especially the economic and cultural spheres.  

He also referred to the strategic position of Bulgaria as “the gateway to Europe” and said the Southeast European country can act as a corridor for the transit of goods and energy between Iran, the Middle East and Europe.

Calling for enhancement of relations between the two nations, he said Iran can be a tourist destination for European travelers with its ample historical, cultural and architectural attractions.