New Channel for Aid to Yemen

New Channel for Aid to YemenNew Channel for Aid to Yemen

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Sunday a new channel has been arranged for dispatching humanitarian aid to Yemen, hoping that this time there will be “no obstacles” in the way of delivering Iran’s relief aid to the Yemeni people.

Denouncing the continued and intensified airstrikes by Saudis against the impoverished state and the bombing of residential and populated areas, especially in the north of the country, Afkham said, “The massacre in Yemen is in direct contravention of international regulations.” She called on the United Nations to play a more effective role to help stop the attacks by the Arab coalition against the defenseless people in Yemen and accelerate relief work in the war-ravaged country.  “All specialized organizations and responsible bodies are expected to take immediate measures in an effort to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.”  

Saudi Arabia has been dropping bombs on Yemen for over 40 years, said the spokeswoman, adding that in its attacks, Saudi Arabia neither pursues any specific objective nor does it distinguish between military and civil targets. Afkham said the coalition makes use of “banned arms to increase the dead toll,” noting that the move is in violation of international law.  In similar remarks, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen Johannes van der Klaauw in a statement condemned “the indiscriminate bombing of populated areas, with or without prior warning,” saying the act is against international humanitarian laws.

“The targeting of an entire governorate will put countless civilians at risk,” Reuters quoted him as saying on Sunday.

International concern about the humanitarian situation in Yemen has grown as the strikes have killed more than 1,300 people, sent locals fleeing from their homes and destroyed infrastructure, leading to shortages of food, medicine and fuel. An Iranian cargo ship, called Nejat, carrying humanitarian aid was scheduled to set sail for the Arab country on Sunday. The consignment of humanitarian aid, organized by the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), reportedly contains 2,500 tons of medical supplies, foodstuff and tents.