Onerous Task

Onerous TaskOnerous Task

A senior foreign ministry official said the nuclear negotiators face a difficult task to work out the details of a final nuclear accord until the June 30 deadline for reaching a long-term settlement to dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program, ISNA reported on Saturday.  “Our colleagues face a difficult period regarding the work on the phrasing of political, technical and legal points outlined in the nuclear understanding (reached in Lausanne on April 2), (a task) which requires round-the-clock work and should continue nonstop until the last day and hour of the talks,” Hamid Baeidinejad, foreign ministry director general for political affairs, wrote in a message on his Instagram account. On the most recent round of nuclear talks in New York, he said, “Good discussions were held, especially regarding the preparation of the draft of the nuclear deal, but there are many differences between the two sides that should be resolved.”