Tehran for Peaceful Means to Promote Stability

Tehran for Peaceful Means to Promote Stability Tehran for Peaceful Means to Promote Stability

Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi pointed to the complex nature of current regional crises and reiterated Iran's call for establishing stability in the region by using "peaceful" mechanisms such as holding dialogue, IRNA reported on Monday.

Sarmadi made the remarks in a meeting with a delegation of Polish business people and industrialists headed by his counterpart Katarzyna Kacperczyk. The delegation arrived in Tehran on Sunday for a two-day visit to explore new avenues for bilateral relations.

Referring to the "good relations" between the two countries, Sarmadi said, "The fact that there are no negative points in the history of relations between Tehran and Warsaw is significant for mapping out a new round of ties between the two countries."

The senior diplomat said, "There are ample economic and commercial potential for (expanding) bilateral relations."

Describing the current level of economic relations as "insignificant", he called for enhanced collaboration in the fields of industry, agriculture and new technologies.

Sarmadi expressed readiness on behalf of the Islamic Republic to enhance mutual collaboration in political, economic, commercial, parliamentary, scientific and cultural spheres.

Kacperczyk, for her part, called for expansion of political, economic, and cultural interactions between the two countries.

"Warsaw has a special approach toward Tehran," she said, adding that Polish businessmen and investors see Iran as a "stable and appropriate place for investment."   

Referring to the complexities of main regional crises, including the war in Yemen, the senior Polish official urged the resolution of the conflicts through political solutions.  

In the meeting, the two sides also underlined the need to continue "regular political consultations" at the level of deputy foreign ministers.