Provincial Election Plan Approval Unlikely

Provincial Election Plan Approval UnlikelyProvincial Election Plan Approval Unlikely

A member of the Majlis Presiding board believes it is unlikely that the Guardian Council approves the plan of provincial elections, as the plan is “contrary to the constitution,” IRNA reported on Monday.

Mohammad Hossein Farhangi said the plan has “negative psychological effects”, adding it might give rise to a feeling of frustration among people in small villages and remote areas and ultimately lead to their indifference and lower participation in elections.

The remarks came after Majlis approved in late April an overview of a plan on holding parliamentary elections at the provincial level. The plan received 149 votes in favor, 69 against, and 9 abstentions, news agencies reported.

The lawmaker also referred to increased costs of election in case the plan is approved, without giving any further details. However, he noted that, “No final decision has been taken on the plan so far.”