US, Israel Fuel Sectarian Conflict in ME

US, Israel Fuel Sectarian Conflict in MEUS, Israel Fuel Sectarian Conflict in ME

A presidential aide said the United States and Israel fuel the sectarian conflict in the Middle East region.   “Today, nothing is more dangerous than a sectarian war in the region and the US and the Zionists have kindled this flame in the region,” Ali Younesi, President Hassan Rouhani’s aide on ethnic and religious minorities affairs, said on Monday. “Under the current circumstances, the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys the highest degree of security but the enemies of Islam cannot tolerate this atmosphere and seek to create conflicts and divisions among various ethnic groups and denominations,” Press TV quoted him as saying.  Younesi warned of enemies’ plans to take advantage of the ethnic and religious diversity in Iran, saying, “This is while ethnic and cultural diversity is an opportunity and not a threat for our country.”