Hezbollah Proud of Iran Ties

Hezbollah Proud of Iran Ties   Hezbollah Proud of Iran Ties

The deputy secretary general of Hezbollah said the Lebanese resistance movement is honored to be allied to Iran.

“If we side with Iran, we will be victorious, and it is an honor for us,” ISNA on Monday quoted Sheikh Naim Qassem as saying.

He also said, “Iran backs Hezbollah. Is it a crime? Why does the United States support Israel with supplying them with various types of weapons… and give them three billion dollars annually?”

“What is wrong with providing Hezbollah with 50 to 100 million dollars as it has taken the right path while they (Israelis) have taken the wrong path?”

On the Yemeni crisis, the senior Hezbollah official said, “Why is the supply of weapons to the Yemeni people prevented, while aggression against them with aircraft and rockets which cost billions of dollars is permitted?”