Psychological Security Top Priority

Psychological Security Top  Priority Psychological Security Top  Priority

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei underlined the need to promote the psychological security of the society.

"Dealing with psychological insecurities in the society, such as families' concerns about the presence of their children in streets and parks in view of the possibility that they may be attracted to drugs… and other vices, is much more important than dealing with physical insecurities; and such insecurities should be seriously addressed," the Leader said in a meeting with police commanders and officials in Tehran on Sunday, IRNA reported.

He also said, "Ensuring individual, social, moral and psychological securities in the society are among the most important responsibilities of the law enforcement."

It is essential that police be powerful, but this power should be accompanied by "justice, fairness and mercy," he said, adding, "The protection of security is not a matter of rhetorical words and publicity, but the people should feel the existence of security."  

"National police represents the security (provided) under the rule of the Islamic Republic, so it should be powerful; however, it does not mean oppression and uncontrolled moves," Ayatollah Khamenei said, adding, "We are not seeking Hollywood-style policing power (as is promoted in) western and American societies."

"Such power not only will not bring security, but will cause insecurity."

The Leader cited the mistreatment of blacks by the US police as an example of using power to oppress the people, noting, "Blacks are mistreated, ignored and humiliated by police, (a fact) which has given rise to unrest (in the US)."

Prior to the Leader's speech, the police Chief Lieutenant General Hossein Ashtari gave a report about the activities and plans of the national police.

The recently appointed police commander said the number of major criminal cases investigated by police has increased, the campaign against drug dealers is continuing, the capabilities to control borders have improved and traffic fatalities have dropped by 7 percent, not mentioning the period in which the decrease has occurred.