Serbian President Sends Message to Rouhani

Serbian President Sends Message to RouhaniSerbian President Sends Message to Rouhani

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic sent a message to his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani congratulating him on the initial nuclear agreement reached between Tehran and the major powers on April 2 in the Swiss city of Lausanne.  

Ivan Mrkic, a former foreign minister who is now a foreign policy advisor to the Serbian president, handed Nikolic’s message to the Iranian deputy ambassador to Belgrade, Behrouz Ahmadi, IRNA reported on Friday.   “I cheerfully received the news about the agreement reached with the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) in Switzerland, and I congratulate Iran from the bottom of my heart,” the message read.  

In the message, Nikolic hoped that tensions over Iran’s nuclear activities will ease as Iran takes steps toward establishing lasting peace in the region. “I am especially happy that you managed to successfully ensure your right for making peaceful use of nuclear technology in an effort to develop your economy,” he noted. Referring to the friendly relations between Tehran and Belgrade, he said the two sides have traditionally maintained good relations, adding, “I am sure that our friendship will grow in the future.”

Nikolic also expressed hope that arrangements would be made for a visit by President Hassan Rouhani to Serbia in the near future.