Poverty, Unemployment, Corruption Greatest Evils

Poverty, Unemployment, Corruption Greatest Evils

President Hassan Rouhani outlined the main problems facing the society, saying dealing with them is the key to promoting security.
"Poverty, unemployment and corruption are the main evils in the society," he said in an address to the 20th gathering of police commanders and officials in Tehran on Saturday, ISNA reported.
Saying law enforcement is the main responsibility of police forces, he called on police to pay attention to the country's "priorities" while implementing the law.  
"The eleventh cabinet (the current administration) has always been seeking to implement what it has committed itself to, besides paying attention to security and health of the nation," he said, quoting a saying by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), which says security and health are two blessings that are not appreciated by the humankind unless they are deprived of them.
  Good Cops
Rouhani described meeting the forces who protect the security of the country as an honor, adding, "Having good cops in the country is one thing, while the dominant public presence of police forces is another thing."  
"We need to have good cops" to be able to ensure security in the country, he noted.
The president went on to say that enjoying security has its costs, adding that the most successful security forces are the ones which require the lowest expenses and show the highest efficiency.  
Referring to the name chosen by the Leader for the current Iranian year (started March 21), namely the year of "Government and Nation; Harmony and Unanimity," Rouhani called for empathy and rapport among different police forces to create "a unified and huge family with a heavy responsibility."  
"Maintaining security in border areas, villages, cities, metropolitan areas and roads, as well as reducing social ills are the responsibility of law enforcement forces," he said.  
Referring to the fact that the country is still under sanctions, he said reliance on oil revenues in the current year's budget is the lowest in Iranian history. However, the president said, the government has managed not to slash the budget allocated to military and police forces despite the problems regarding funding state departments. 

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