Multilateralism Should be Promoted

Multilateralism Should be  Promoted
Multilateralism Should be  Promoted

President Hassan Rouhani has said unilateralism has no room in the today's world and all countries should try to promote multilateralism and interaction.

He made the remarks in New York on Saturday in a gathering of Iranian students, professors, and researchers residing in the United States, IRNA reported.

The president described the imposition of sanctions as a "wrong" and "inhumane" action and called "unilateralism" a wrong policy. "Unilateralism is meaningless and we should all pursue multilateralism and interaction."

Elsewhere, he said stability and calm have returned to the country's economic climate over the past year, adding, "A hopeful and revitalized society has emerged. The Iranian nation is working hard and in numerous cases the government is following the public path."

"The government is obliged to help maintain this sense of hope in the nation and take measures to create opportunities for the people to progress."  

Rouhani said Iran has the capacity to move forward to turn into a developed and modern state.

Along this line, the government is making efforts to create a more cheerful atmosphere in universities and help enhance the quality of education, he added.  

The chief executive described the well-educated and cultured Iranians living overseas as a "valuable asset" which reflects the internal realities of the country to the outside world and said, "The process of development needs the support of all Iranians inside and out of the country."

"The love for Iran has no replacement," he said.

The president called on the Iranian professors and students residing abroad to campaign against "Iranophobia" and said it is not just the duty of the media, the foreign minister, and the government to dispel the notion, but it is necessary for the cultivated Iranians to play their part in the campaign.