Vienna Talks Focus on Sanctions

Vienna Talks Focus on SanctionsVienna Talks Focus on Sanctions

The new round of negotiations between Iran and the major powers which began in Vienna on Wednesday to start writing the text of a final nuclear agreement is focused on sanctions, said Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi.

Removal of multilayered sanctions which Iran has consistently dubbed as "unlawful and unjust" has been Iran's main demand throughout the negotiations. However, recent developments, particularly the passage by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee of the "Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015" seems to have cast some further doubt over the US policymakers' overall intentions regarding the whole negotiations.

Araqchi stressed that "as we return to negotiations this week, we will seek explanation from the US team and greater clarity regarding all detailed aspects of sanctions removal," according to a transcript of his remarks in an interview with reporters sent to Financial Tribune by the foreign ministry on Wednesday.

Asked about Iran's view on the US Senate's move, Araqchi said, "While the decision adopted by the Senate committee is a domestic US issue and will not relieve the US government of any obligation it might undertake in a possible agreement, it is evident that the signing of the review act tends to betray the fundamental principle of good faith, entailing consequences.

"The United States is a party to multilateral negotiations and its government will be responsible to ensure that its commitments, particularly those related to sanctions, are fulfilled and performed entirely and in good faith regardless of its internal discourse."