UK Likely to Modify Iran Policy

UK Likely to Modify Iran Policy
UK Likely to Modify Iran Policy

The British non-resident chargé d'affaires to Tehran predicted that with a change of government in Britain, there will be a modification in British policies toward Iran which would help foster London-Tehran cooperation.  

"The next British parliament and administration will adopt a different policy on Iran," Ajay Sharma said, adding, "(This) will lead to an increase in cooperation between Britain and Iran."

He made the remarks in a meeting with the head of the Iran-Britain Parliamentary Friendship Group, Abbasali Mansouri Arani, in Tehran on Monday, IRNA reported.

In the United Kingdom's next general election, scheduled for May 7, each parliamentary constituency elects one MP to the House of Commons. If one party obtains a majority of seats, then that party is entitled to form a government. If the election leaves no single party having a majority, then there is either a minority government or a coalition government.

Referring to the negotiations between the two sides about the reopening of the British Embassy in Tehran, Sharma said, "Some progress has been made in this relation," adding that the next British administration is expected to pursue the issue more seriously.

Pointing to the humanitarian catastrophes happening in Yemen and Syria, he said, "Britain has made great contributions to the efforts to help stop the tragedies."

In order to halt them, "the important point is to identify their root causes."

Mansouri Arani, for his part, pointed to nuclear talks with the major powers, noting that the joint statement released on April 2 in the Swiss city of Lausanne to announce an initial agreement on the basic framework of a prospective nuclear accord is not "binding".

"The Majlis will monitor the talks and the process of writing the text of the deal carefully and strictly."

Referring to the developments in Yemen, he criticized the international community for its silence on the killing of the defenseless Yemeni people, saying, "A human tragedy is unfolding in Yemen amid the silence of the international community, while it should be accountable for such tragedies."

He called on the world's countries to help put an end to the naval blockade on Yemen and deliver humanitarian aid to its people.

Saudi Arabia has made a strategic mistake by launching air raids against the war-ravaged country, he added.