President Receives New Envoys

President Receives New EnvoysPresident Receives New Envoys

President Hassan Rouhani met the new envoys of Algeria, Greece, Senegal, and Thailand on Monday and received their credentials, IRNA reported.

In a meeting with the new Algerian ambassador, Rouhani described the Zionist regime as a major threat in the Middle East, which possesses weapon of mass destruction including nuclear, chemical and biological bombs.  

Rouhani urged all countries around the world to exert more political pressure on Israel to make it respect international regulations.

Praising the Algerian government's positive stance on Iran's peaceful nuclear program, Rouhani said, "Iran and Algeria agree on the point that all countries have the right to enjoy peaceful use of nuclear energy and that the region and the world need to get rid of mass destruction weapons."

Pointing to the ongoing conflicts and the issue of terrorism in the region, the president called for political solutions to help settle the crises in Libya and Syria, instead of taking military action.

He also expressed hope that "peace-seeking" countries like Iran and Algeria will continue their consultations in an effort to help promote peace in the region "through political means".

Ahriz Abdelmoun'aam, in turn, voiced determination on behalf of his country to expand and deepen cooperation with Iran. Expressing pleasure with the progress made in nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers, he described the breakthrough as "a significant step toward preserving peace in the region and the entire world."

  Gateway to Europe  

In a meeting with the new Greek envoy, Rouhani said as two ancient countries with rich cultures, Iran and Greece have always maintained good relations, adding, "There is no obstacle in the way of developing bilateral ties."   

Describing Greece as a "gateway" to Europe, Rouhani said the ancient country enjoys good potential in various fields and that Iran and the Greece can complete each other in numerous areas.  

He also hoped for enhanced ties between the two nations, saying that Iran welcomes better ties with Greece.

Georgios Ayfantis, for his part, called for increased cooperation with Iran. Describing Iran as an "independent" and "influential" country in the Middle East and Asia, he said Greece seeks to be a strategic partner for Iran.  "Greece does not approve of the policy of imposing sanctions to isolate countries," Ifantis noted.

  African Ties

Rouhani told the new Senegalese envoy that Iran welcomes increased investments in the Senegalese industries in keeping with its policy to expand ties with African countries.

Pointing to the "good" and "friendly" relations between the two countries, Rouhani said, "Dakar has always been a significant African hub for Iran and the Muslim world," adding that both countries have good conditions for promoting relations.   

He also reiterated the call for cooperation between all countries to fight terrorism and extremism.  

Having received the new Thai ambassador, Rouhani pointed to Iranian tourist attractions, saying Iran has numerous historical sites which can be appealing to Thai visitors.

He also said the Islamic Republic welcomes enhanced collaboration with the Southeast Asian country in economic, political, and tourism areas.