Military Doctrine Based on Active Deterrence

Military Doctrine Based on Active DeterrenceMilitary Doctrine Based on Active Deterrence

President Hassan Rouhani reiterated the deterrent nature of Iran's military power and its defensive strategy.

"Our (military) doctrine is not of war; it is, rather, a defensive military doctrine," Rouhani was quoted by IRNA as saying, adding, "The strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been based on active deterrence to help establish peace and security in the country and the region."

He made the remarks during a military parade at the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the south of the metro Tehran area, which was held to mark National Armed Forces Day on Saturday.

The event featured the unveiling of the latest military achievements of the armed forces, including Velayat II and Velayat III coast-to-sea missile systems, a mobile missile launcher, Valfajr torpedoes, strategic sea-to-sea Nour missiles, models of Shahab and Ra'ad assault vessels, sea-to-sea Nasr missiles, and some models of Iran's submarines.

Rouhani pointed to Iran's military presence in international waters, stressing it should not be a source of concern for other countries in the region.

“This presence is to provide security for the littoral countries and (ensure the security of) shipping routes…. No one should be concerned about the presence of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic in international waters.”

“Military drills staged by either the army or the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps help bring calm to the people in the region.”

Elsewhere, he said Iran’s military might has been used to promote peace and security and protect the rights of the defenseless.

“The aim of this military power is to serve peace and security, not aggression and attacks against children and the defenseless,” he said, noting, “The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are the role model in the region as a mighty and peaceful force.”


  Saudi Assault Breeds Hatred

Referring to the Saudi assault on Yemen, he underlined that “the Iranian nation is not in favor of aggression… and will keep following the path of development.”

He denounced the financing of terrorist groups in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and criticized Saudi Arabia for seeking dominance in the region through bombing the “oppressed” Yemeni people, including children, and warned the Arab kingdom about the consequences of its aggression, which “is sowing the seeds of hatred in the hearts of people.”

On the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the major powers over Tehran’s nuclear work, Rouhani said, “Although powerful, we are obedient to the law… We have chosen the path of negotiation to show the world and the region that there is no problem (which is) impossible to be resolved at the negotiating table.”

“With regard to the nuclear issue, we will remain compliant with all international regulations to (maintain) the world’s trust.”