Urging Fair Election Campaign

Urging Fair Election CampaignUrging Fair Election Campaign

The secretary of the principlist Followers of the Line of Imam and Leader Front, Mohammad Reza Bahonar, underlined the need for the adoption of a “fair” approach by political groups in their campaigns for the Feb. 26, 2016 parliamentary election, saying, “The government’s successes should not be ignored, even if their effects do not benefit us.”  

The deputy Majlis speaker made the remarks in Isfahan on Friday, IRNA reported.

He also commented that it is too soon for political parties to launch their election campaigns, noting that the prolongation of “an electoral atmosphere” will annoy the people.

Elsewhere, the senior politician disagreed with the idea of forming an alliance between principlists and moderate reformists, asserting that experience shows that moderate reformists have “intentionally or unintentionally” handed over “the management of affairs” to radicals.