Saudi FM Promises Punishment for Abusers

Saudi FM Promises Punishment for AbusersSaudi FM Promises Punishment for Abusers

The Saudi foreign minister promised severe punishment for the two offending officers in the case of the sexual abuse of two teenage Iranian pilgrims at Jeddah's King Abdulaziz International Airport, which happened about two weeks ago.

"Saudi Arabia will act decisively to ensure the offenders will receive maximum punishment within the shortest possible time," Saud al-Faisal said in a meeting with Ambassador to Riyadh Hossein Sadeqi on Thursday.

"We regard the Islamic Republic of Iran as a very important country," Faisal said, adding, "We want a new page to be opened in relations between the two countries," IRNA reported.

Sadeqi, for his part, noted that the Jeddah case has hurt the feelings of the Iranian nation and called for "serious" and "decisive" action on the part of the Arab kingdom to bring the sexual criminals to justice.

Referring to the situation in the region, Yemen in particular, the envoy elaborated on Iran's stances, stressing, "The Islamic Republic of Iran does not consider the continued war and bloodshed in Yemen to be to the benefit of the region and Muslim countries and believes that foreign powers and ill-wishers of the Muslim world are the only beneficiaries of the escalation of conflicts among Muslim countries."

He called for a truce between the warring sides in the conflict-ravaged Arab country to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid to the defenseless Yemeni people.