President Reiterates Position on Sanctions

President Reiterates Position on Sanctions President Reiterates Position on Sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani once again emphasized that striking a final deal on the nuclear issue would be possible only if the agreement removes all sanctions on Tehran.

He made the remarks in a public address on Wednesday during his provincial trip to Rasht, the capital of the northern province of Gilan, Fars news agency reported.

Noting that Iran is in favor of mutual interaction, he said Iran is not confronting the US Senate, but it is engaged in nuclear talks with the major powers.

"Sixteen months of negotiations with the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) made the world acknowledge that Iran is making continued progress toward science and technology."  

An agreement between Iran and the six major powers on Tehran's nuclear program will benefit the entire world, Rouhani added.

Elsewhere, the president noted that bombing the people does not bring stability and security to the region.

Criticizing the Saudi government for bombing the defenseless people of Yemen, he said the intruders seek to dominate the region by economic means or provoking wars.

"The path to stability and security is to respect regional nations and to listen to the people's voice."

Rouhani also reminded that over the past year, the government managed to keep its promise to the people by pulling the economy out of the recession it was suffering for several years.

He promised that the current Iranian year (started March 21) will bring about economic prosperity to the nation.