Phone Call on Yemen

Phone Call on YemenPhone Call on Yemen

In a telephone conversation on Tuesday, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and his Omani counterpart Sheikh Khalid bin Hilal bin Nasir Al Mawali exchanged views about the conflict in Yemen, IRNA reported.

Larijani said, “The military action against Yemen and the destruction of this weak country’s infrastructures are to the detriment of all Muslims, and only the Zionist regime and powerful countries benefit from them.”

He also said, “The presence terrorist groups in the region and their fire-raising moves have created instability and insecurity in the region,” adding that Muslim countries should take action and hold consultations to help put an end to regional crises.

The Omani official, for his part, said it is the policy of his country to back efforts meant to promote peace and security in the region, adding, “Oman supports any plan and initiative which aims to end the war in Yemen.”