New Military Hardware on Display

New Military Hardware on DisplayNew Military Hardware on Display

The army's latest achievements were unveiled in the presence of Army Commander Lieutenant General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan on Wednesday, ahead of National Armed Forces Day, which is celebrated annually on April 18.

The domestically manufactured pieces of military hardware included the Aqareb battle tank, Baher and Shaher sniper rifles, an armed robot and a combat vehicle, Fars news agency reported.

The Aqareb, featuring a freestanding suspension system and a 12.7mm machine gun, is equipped with a 90mm turret gun and can carry four military personnel.  

The robot, 4x4 in size, is capable of carrying two missiles and a load of up to 600 kilograms and can conduct programmed operations.

Baher, a 23mm anti-aircraft gun weighing 62 kilograms, is capable of penetrating bulletproof vests and has a range of four kilometers.

Shaher is a 14.5mm sniper rifle with a maximum effective range of three kilometers which is operated by three personnel.

An ultra-light combat vehicle with a travelling speed of 100 and 130 kilometers per hour in side roads and gravel roads respectively was also unveiled.

The single-seat vehicle can operate within an effective operational radius of 400 kilometers.