Tehran-Seoul Contacts Beneficial

Tehran-Seoul Contacts BeneficialTehran-Seoul Contacts Beneficial

The South Korean foreign minister has described increasing contacts between Tehran and Seoul as beneficial to his country.

In a meeting with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in New York on Friday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Yun Byung-se expressed Seoul’s readiness to expand relations with Tehran, adding, “Increasing contacts and consultations with Iran on various regional issues and developments are beneficial and effective for my country,” the Fars news agency quoted him as saying.

“Iran enjoys a prominent position in the region,” he said.  

Zarif, for his part, touched on common points between the two countries and welcomed reinforcing mutual cooperation on regional and international issues.

Zarif illustrated Iran’s stance on issues such as international security and weapons of mass destruction, reiterating, “The Islamic Republic of Iran wants the eradication of all weapons of mass destruction in the world and seriously believes that nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction will not bring security.”


  Prudent Policy on Afghanistan Praised

In a separate meeting in New York on Friday, Zarif held talks with Afghan Foreign Minister Zarar Ahmad Osmani. The two officials discussed the latest regional developments and bilateral ties.

Zarif expressed content over the recent agreement between the two Afghan rival presidential candidates and said, “(The agreement) was the result of wisdom and awareness practiced by the involved parties which boosted national unity.”

The Afghan foreign minister, on his part, praised the far-sighted stance of Iran on the latest political developments in Afghanistan.

He called Iran a great neighbor which always stands by the nation and government of Afghanistan.

Zarif also met with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem in New York on Friday.

The two ministers exchanged views on the latest regional and international developments as well as the issues of mutual interest.

The senior officials said it is necessary to combat terrorism and extremism and described the growing threats of terrorists as serious and urgent.

They also stressed the need to deal with the evil phenomenon free from any political motivation.