US Fact Sheet on Lausanne Agreement Unreliable

US Fact Sheet on Lausanne Agreement Unreliable  US Fact Sheet on Lausanne Agreement Unreliable

A nuclear negotiator said the US fact sheet released on the joint statement read out in Lausanne on April 2 to announce a framework nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the major powers does not state the true contents of the agreement.

"As I have repeatedly said and as stressed by members of the negotiating team, the American fact sheet does not reflect the framework of the negotiations," Hamid Baeidinejad said on Sunday, IRNA reported.

Commenting on the recent remarks by some US officials who said they would stand by every single detail included in the fact sheet, Baeidinejad said, "It is natural to expect them to stand by the fact sheet they have released. We do not confirm it though and we have a different interpretation (of the statement) which has been explained in our officials' remarks."

On the commitment by the US under the Geneva interim accord signed in late 2013 to release Iran's frozen assets held overseas, the foreign ministry official expressed satisfaction with the process of implementing the accord so far, saying, "The Geneva agreement has been put into force … and will remain in place until June 30 (the deadline for a final deal)."  

Baeidinejad also said, "The next round of negotiations will be held at the level of deputy foreign ministers, but the date and venue of the talks have not been fixed yet."