Saudi FM's Charges Rejected

Saudi FM's Charges RejectedSaudi FM's Charges Rejected

The foreign ministry dismissed Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal's recent remarks accusing Iran of interfering in Yemen as incorrect.

"(Faisal's) remarks about (Iran's) meddling in Yemen's affairs come as (Saudi Arabia's) armed forces have massacred hundreds of innocent Yemenis, including children and women, through targeting (Yemen's) infrastructures and residential areas, in defiance of international law and regulations," the ministry's spokesperson said on Monday.

"(This is while) they refuse to accede to legitimate international demands to cease the war against the defenseless country and nation," IRNA quoted Marzieh Afkham as saying. She underlined Iran's principled stances which call for putting an end to the Saudi-led military aggression against Yemen and shipping humanitarian aid to the conflict-ravaged country, saying, "Yemen is an independent country with wise and vigilant people, who do not allow any other country to take charge of their affairs."

The Saudi foreign minister on Sunday rejected Iran's repeated calls to end airstrikes on Yemen and said Tehran should not interfere in Yemen.

"Continued military assaults will not solve, but rather will further complicate the Yemeni crisis," Afkham said, adding, "A diplomatic solution, involving Yemeni-Yemeni talks with the participation of all Yemeni factions and parties and the formation of a national unity government, is the only way to weather the current crisis and prevent the killing of innocent people."