Yemen Conflict Plot to Split S. Arabia

Yemen Conflict Plot to Split S. Arabia  Yemen Conflict Plot to Split S. Arabia

The deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs warned that provoking the Saudi government to attack Yemen was part of a plot to undermine and break up the Persian Gulf kingdom.  

"The enemies of the region seek to weaken and disintegrate Saudi Arabia, and aggression against Yemen and its consequences are the starting point to carry out the evil plot," IRNA quoted Hossein Amir Abdollahian as saying on Sunday.  

Calling on the US to stop employing dual policies toward the Middle East, he advised Saudi Arabia not to rely on the US assistance in Yemen.  

Insisting on the assault will have inevitable repercussions, he warned.  

"Time is not on the side of Saudi Arabia," he said, adding that Riyadh has compromised regional security with its raids against Houthi fighters.   

The foreign ministry official reiterated Tehran's policy of promoting security, peace, and stability in the region, and expressed surprise at the stance taken by the UAE to back the "wrong hawkish policy" of the Saudi government.  Calling for an immediate halt to the aggression, he said sending humanitarian aid and holding national dialogue are the only way out of the Yemeni crisis.