IRGC Throws Weight Behind Negotiating Team

IRGC Throws Weight Behind Negotiating TeamIRGC Throws Weight Behind Negotiating Team

The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps voiced strong support for the negotiating team who achieved a framework agreement in the talks with the major powers in Lausanne on Thursday over Tehran's nuclear work.

"The revolutionary children of the Islamic Iran managed to properly defend the Iranian people's rights in the diplomatic battle and the Iranian nation and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps would like to extend their appreciation to (the negotiators) for their honest political efforts to assert the specified red lines," Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said.

Jafari made the remarks on the sidelines of a conference of IRGC commanders in Tehran on Tuesday.

Pointing to the "dishonesty" and "non-compliance of the Americans with their commitments", which indicates "a difficult path ahead of this diplomatic Jihad", the top commander underlined that Iran's red line mainly involves "the total removal of the relevant sanctions", together with the recognition of Iran's rights to "uranium enrichment" and "research and development" on nuclear energy, Fars news agency reported.

He highlighted the Iranian nation's resistance that "rendered ineffective the powerful options of the United States to impose its political will on the Islamic Republic of Iran."

"The US, which was seeking to force a change in Iran's policy, was compelled to shift its own policy," Jafari said, adding the Iranian people made the United States "abandon its options on the table (referring to US military threats) and replace them with diplomacy to resolve the nuclear issue."