Fact Sheet on Lausanne Agreement to Be Released

Fact Sheet on Lausanne Agreement to Be Released Fact Sheet on Lausanne Agreement to Be Released

Iran plans to release a fact sheet to alley domestic "concerns" regarding the controversial provisions of the joint statement issued in Lausanne on Thursday to announce an understanding reached between Iran and the major powers over Tehran's nuclear program, a lawmaker quoted Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as saying.

The two sides now have three months (until June 30) to work out the details of the final deal.

Zarif announced the decision in an address to a closed session of the Majlis on Tuesday, which was also attended by Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Director Ali Akbar Salehi, to brief the lawmakers on the decisions made in Lausanne. "The most important point made by both (Salehi and Zarif) in today's closed session of the Majlis was that within the coming days, the foreign ministry will release Iran's fact sheet regarding the joint statement to address the concerns of the nation and lawmakers," MP Javad Karimi Qoddousi told Fars news agency on Tuesday.  

The lawmaker described the explanations given by Salehi and Zarif on the terms of the outline agreement concerning "Iran's research and development on nuclear technology" as "hopeful", adding, "(Salehi and Zarif) said after the final deal comes into effect, we (will start) feeding (advanced new-generation) IR-8 centrifuges with (uranium) gas."

"The foreign minister's elaborations on such issues as the lifting of the sanctions and the manner in which the UN carries out supervision (of Iran's facilities) were acceptable. These elaborations, however, should be included in the fact sheet to be issued in the coming days."

  Online Cameras Ruled Out  

On the use of online surveillance cameras at Iran's nuclear sites, "Zarif said we absolutely refused, and will do so, to allow the operation of online cameras for the IAEA to supervise (the activities in) our nuclear centers," Karimi Qoddousi added.

"Most of the lawmakers were satisfied with the recent nuclear negotiations, the achievements made (in them) and the foreign minister's reports," another lawmaker said.Asked to comment on the possibility of the voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol by the government, Behrouz Nemati said, "If it needs the approval of the Majlis, it will be brought up for discussion," noting, "But there is no need now and of course the government has the power to implement the Additional Protocol voluntarily," IRNA reported.

"The UN's inspection of our nuclear facilities will be conducted within the framework of the protocol, and not beyond (it)," he stressed.

Elsewhere, another parliamentarian Hossein Naqavi Hosseini told ISNA that the Iranian fact sheet is meant as a "response to the rumors spread by the United States about the Lausanne statement."