Majlis Majority Faction Meets

Majlis Majority Faction MeetsMajlis Majority Faction Meets

The central council of the Majlis majority faction held a meeting on Sunday to discuss nuclear talks with the major powers, the Yemeni crisis and other internal and international issues, Fars news agency reported.  Commenting on the discussions at the meeting, Lawmaker Iraj Abdi told Fars that Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, top-level member of the Principlist Followers of Velayat Faction, described the recent joint statement by Iran and the major powers on the outline of a final nuclear deal as “positive” and asked the parliamentarians to seek clarification on the decisions made at the most recent round of nuclear talks in the Swiss city of Lausanne at a planned joint meeting with the administration if they have any questions in this regard.  According to Abdi, Larijani also said, “Lawmakers should comment on the nuclear issue after (thoroughly) studying the matter and take advantage of expert views in this respect.”