National Dialogue Will Address Yemen Crisis

National Dialogue Will Address Yemen Crisis  National Dialogue Will Address Yemen Crisis

The Majlis speaker said Iran is for national dialogue in Yemen to address the conflict gripping the Arab country.

In a telephone conversation with Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan Sardar Ayaz Sadiq on Saturday night, Ali Larijani denounced the military invasion of Yemen which has killed and injured many Muslim citizens and destroyed Yemeni infrastructures, ICANA reported.

"Such an invasion, no matter what intention is behind it, is a strike against the Muslim society that has no beneficiaries other than the Zionist regime and world powers."

The aggressors should respond to the question that what has motivated them to utilize their resources to damage a Muslim country, he noted. "The invading states need to learn from the experience of the Soviet Union and later the US wars in Afghanistan. Were those states able to do anything against (the will of) Afghans?"

The speaker also said the Yemeni people have proved throughout history that they will stand against any foreign invasions and make the attackers regret.

Sadiq, for his part, said Pakistan does not intend to get involved in the crisis and urges peace in Yemen for the sake of the interests of the Muslim world. Pakistan's senate and parliament at a joint session on Monday will discuss the Yemeni crisis, said the speaker.   

Larijani praised Pakistan's policy of non-involvement in the anti-Islamic war against Yemen and said Iran also does not approve of any military intervention in regional countries, as such a move "will jeopardize the interests of the nations."

Elsewhere, Sadiq expressed pleasure with the agreement reached in the most recent round of nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers known as the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security plus Germany) and hoped that upon lifting sanctions, Iran can fully utilize its capacities to help develop the Muslim countries in the region.

Larijani also referred to the good relations between Iran and Pakistan and thanked the Pakistani government for its positive and benevolent attitude toward the recent agreement concluded in the Swiss city of Lausanne.  

"Agreements of this kind will be employed to help promote stability in the region, and also to enhance unity among Muslims all around the world," he said. The speaker also said Iran is ready to expand economic ties with Pakistan.