Recognition of Enrichment Right a Great Victory

Recognition of Enrichment Right a Great Victory Recognition of Enrichment Right a Great Victory

The first deputy Majlis speaker described the recognition of Iran's right to enrich uranium by the West under the recent outline nuclear agreement with the major powers as a great victory for the nation.

"The fact that the enemies of the Islamic Republic have now acknowledged the presence of our country in the world's nuclear club is an achievement that was obtained thanks to the nation's resistance," Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabifard said in a speech to an open session of parliament on Sunday, ICANA reported.

He also said, "The people's resistance against the US avarice in the nuclear field has placed our nation in a position that now after 12 years of negotiations, our enemies have acknowledged that the whole (nuclear) fuel cycle be carried out inside the country."

This goal was achieved through resistance in keeping with the strategy set out by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, he stated.  

Referring to the name chosen for the new Iranian year (started March 21) by the Leader, he said the Leader's message on promoting empathy and rapport between the government and the nation means that the harmony between the two needs to be enhanced "so that the world can hear a unified voice out of our country and the enemies see us in a unified and coordinated front."

He noted that the Majlis will fully support the government in all aspects and hoped the government will serve the nation along with parliament and the judicial branch of government.

Praising the efforts made by the nuclear negotiating team over the course of negotiations with the major world powers, he said preserving the invaluable achievements in the field of nuclear science and technology is only possible through following the Leader's guidance.

The senior lawmaker called on the government and the negotiators to move within the framework defined by the Leader to create synergy and a unified front.

"The government, the Majlis, and the nation unanimously demand preserving the nuclear achievements," he said, adding that Iran will not let the US and its allies break agreements and violate their obligations, "which is how we defend our esteem."

  Invasion of Yemen Unlawful

Aboutorabifard condemned the inhuman Saudi military invasion of Yemen on behalf of the parliamentarians and said the lawmakers expect the UN and its Security Council to defend the oppressed and helpless people of Yemen and not let the infrastructures of the Arab country be destroyed by the "unfair attacks of the Saudi regime."  

He urged the parliaments of other Muslim countries to stand up to the unlawful aggression that is against Islamic morals and principles. "They should call for an immediate halt to the attacks against the innocent and defenseless Yemeni people," he noted.