Obama Seeks Public Support for Nuclear Agreement

Obama Seeks Public Support for Nuclear AgreementObama Seeks Public Support for Nuclear Agreement

US President Barack Obama assured Americans on Saturday that a newly negotiated framework for a nuclear pact with Iran was a “good deal” as he sought public support for a diplomatic breakthrough that many in Congress oppose.

A day after placing calls to top US lawmakers to urge support for the agreement, Obama pressed his case that the deal would ensure Washington that Iran’s nuclear work will remain peaceful.

Iran denies the western allegation that it may have been seeking to develop a nuclear weapons capability under the guise of a civilian program, saying the work is solely for peaceful applications such as generating electricity.  

“It’s a good deal, a deal that meets our core objectives, including strict limitations on Iran’s program and cutting off every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address, broadcast on Saturday, Reuters reported.

The White House hopes support from the US public for its negotiating efforts will help sway skeptical lawmakers. The president and administration officials will be engaged in a difficult sales pitch in the coming weeks and months.

Obama completed calls to John Boehner, the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, as well as House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, by Friday afternoon, the White House said.

In his address, the president noted that the deal would commit Iran to inspections and transparency for many years.

“This is a long-term deal, with strict limits on Iran’s program for more than a decade and unprecedented transparency measures that will last for 20 years or more,” he said.