Worthless Remarks

Worthless RemarksWorthless Remarks

The defense minister dismissed the recent remarks by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter about Iran, describing them as repetitive, baseless and “worthless”.

In his speech at Syracuse University and earlier on an NBC’s program on Tuesday, Carter said even if a deal is reached with Iran, “the military option certainly will remain on the table.”

“Such remarks that have frequently been repeated by US officials come from a passive position and are worthless,” IRNA reported Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan as saying on Wednesday.

While “critical and complicated” nuclear negotiations are underway between the two countries, such statements by American officials are aimed at staging “a stunt to (negatively) affect the logical atmosphere of the talks.”

Noting that Ashton’s words justify Iran’s distrust toward the United States, he stressed, “They will have no bearing on the Islamic Republic’s reasoned, logical and fair stances on the nuclear issue.”