Syria Crisis Solvable Only Through Diplomacy

Syria Crisis Solvable Only Through DiplomacySyria Crisis Solvable Only Through Diplomacy

The deputy foreign minister said the Syrian crisis can only be addressed through diplomacy.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that a diplomatic strategy (should be adopted to address the situation) in Syria and stresses that the (only) solution to the crisis is the formation of an internal political process and (holding) inclusive national dialogue,” Hossein Amir Abdollahian said on Wednesday. He made the remarks in an address to the Third International Pledging Humanitarian Conference for Syria in Kuwait, IRNA reported.

Iran’s approach to Syria’s crisis has been based on “two important principles”, he said, explaining, “The first principle is supporting reforms in Syria, and the second one is opposition to any foreign interference and that any change or reform should be carried out by the Syrian people themselves in a peaceful context.”

The deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs lamented that some countries have disregarded these principles and instead tried to make use of terrorism as an “instrument” to achieve their objectives in Syria, failing to consider that such a policy could backfire and terrorism would end up “posing serious threat to the security and stability of all (countries).”

Pointing to the problems facing the Syrian nation, Amir Abdollahian said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has worked based on its moral and human duty to take steps to help solve the problems and alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people and, in line with this, has sent humanitarian aid to the country.”

He called for “collective cooperation” to provide humanitarian aid to the crisis-hit country and expressed Iran’s support for the United Nations’ efforts to coordinate such collaboration.

“In parallel with the (UN) move, serious collective measures should be taken to eradicate terrorism and (engage in) a serious and real fight against terrorists,” he added.