Rouhani Urges End to Aggression Against Yemen

Rouhani Urges End to Aggression Against YemenRouhani Urges End to Aggression Against Yemen

In a message to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, President Hassan Rouhani underlined the necessity of calling a halt to the military invasion of Yemen and resumption of dialogue among its political factions, calling on Iraq and international organizations to help put an immediate end to the Saudi-led invasion and provide humanitarian aid to Yemen, IRNA reported.

In a meeting with al-Abadi in Baghdad late on Wednesday, First Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi delivered Rouhani's message and congratulated the Iraqi nation and government on their recent victories in the fight against terrorists and "takfiri" militants, noting, "Such victories will prepare the ground for the complete elimination of terrorists from Iraqi soil."

A takfiri is a Muslim who accuses followers of other faiths and some Islamic sects of being unbelievers.

Abadi, for his part, voiced his country's opposition to any foreign aggression against Yemen, saying, "It would only further complicate the situation and lead to escalation of regional and international threats and particularly the spread of extremism and terrorism."

He called for an immediate cessation of the incursion into the Arab country and the settlement of the crisis through dialogue among all Yemeni groups.