Ignoring Positive Moves

Ignoring Positive MovesIgnoring Positive Moves

Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council Mohsen Naziri Asl said on Monday reports by the UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran show “the empty half of the glass,” ignore the “positive developments” and are silent on “unjust sanctions” against the country. He made the remarks in response to the UN rights investigator, who earlier claimed at the meeting of the council that “authorities in Iran continue to harass, arrest, prosecute and imprison members of civil society who express criticism of the government or publicly deviate from officially sanctioned narratives.” Ahmed Shaheed also claimed at a news briefing that “repression of Iranian… activists has worsened under President Hassan Rouhani despite his reformist agenda, but Iran could act to improve its record if it clinches a nuclear deal with major powers,” Reuters reported.