Senior Diplomat, Indonesia Envoy Confer

Senior Diplomat, Indonesia Envoy Confer      Senior Diplomat, Indonesia Envoy Confer

Indonesian president's special envoy to the Middle East Alwi Shihab and First Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi held talks in Tehran on Sunday.

Pointing to the upcoming meeting of foreign ministers of Non-Aligned Movement member states in Tehran, Sarmadi said, "Iran and Indonesia as two Muslim countries have important positions within NAM and should continue high-level political consultations," ISNA reported.

He described Iran-Indonesia relations as "friendly" and "growing" and expressed hope that the ties would be enhanced under the new administration of Indonesia.

He added that efforts to boost bilateral relations in various areas, including culture, economy, and trade, should be high on the agenda of both sides. Sarmadi said the campaign against terrorism and extremism can be among the areas of joint cooperation.

He noted that collaboration with Indonesia is of great significance to Iran as improving the relations between two countries could benefit the Muslim world and promote regional peace and stability.

On behalf of Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Shihab presented an invitation to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to a ceremony which will be held in Jakarta to mark the establishment of a conference on Asia and Africa.

"The conference aims to revive the spirit of cooperation and friendship and strengthen ties between Asia and Africa," he explained, adding that Indonesia welcomes political measures to introduce a moderate Islam to the world and do away with manifestations of extremism and fundamentalism.