Frank Talks in London

Frank Talks in LondonFrank Talks in London

The head of the Iran-Britain Parliamentary Friendship Group described the talks with British officials as “explicit” and “frank”.

“The meetings were held in a friendly atmosphere, but we talked quite explicitly and frankly,” Abbasali Mansouri Arani said on Saturday, referring to his meetings with British lawmakers in London over the past few days. “The (changed) behavior and remarks of British officials are indicative of their resolve to continue talks and (help) expand ties between the two countries,” IRNA quoted him as saying in an address to a number of expatriates living in Britain. Mansouri Arani attributed the turn in Britain’s approach to “Iran’s unique role” in the region, saying, “The world has come to the conclusion that Iran, enjoying strategic depth, is of stabilizing influence on the region.” Noting that problems facing the Iranian people and institutions in the UK were among the topics discussed in the meetings, he said coordinated efforts between the Majlis and government are underway to address the problems.