Shaheed’s Rights Report ‘Far From Reality’

Shaheed’s Rights Report ‘Far From Reality’Shaheed’s Rights Report ‘Far From Reality’

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham denounced the UN special rapporteur's remarks about the situation of human rights in Iran, calling them "one-sided and far from reality", IRNA reported.

Unfortunately, it has been proven that "a will beyond UN mechanisms" has been involved in compiling the report, she said, adding that "the report completely ignores regulations related to the mandates of the UN Human Rights Council's representatives."

Iran seriously suspects the "unjust" and "inexpert" conduct of the special rapporteur, who has ignored international rules and principles, she said.

Saying that the Islamic Republic is completely committed to its national and international obligations in the field of human rights, she said, "Iran has had extensive cooperation with international agencies in this regard."

"Iran has taken important measures in a bid to promote civil rights, minority groups' rights, and women's rights, and it will press ahead with its plans and efforts to uphold civil rights."

In his annual report to the UN Human Rights Council, Ahmed Shaheed had called on Iranian officials to place a high priority on amending policies and laws that allegedly undermine or violate internationally recognized rights, including the regulations that "restrict the press, criminalize expression, limit access to information," Reuters reported on Thursday.