Close Coop. With Iraq, Syria to Counter IS Threat

Close Coop. With Iraq, Syria to Counter IS Threat

Iran closely cooperates with Iraq and Syria to help them push back militants of the so-called Islamic State (IS), who have seized swathes of land in the Arab countries, the ambassador to France said. Ali Ahani made the remarks in an interview on French radio Notre Dame, ISNA reported.
“Having welcomed Iran’s cooperation on the IS crisis, the Iraqi government has managed to keep fighting with the terrorist group,” he noted.
On the form of Iran’s assistance, he said Iran dispatches “military advisers” to the affected areas, adding that Iran has been ready to lend its support to the two countries.
“Daesh (the Arabic acronym for IS, standing for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is a potential threat to all nations, not only in the Middle East but even outside the region,” he said, warning the supporters of the militant group that they will also one day end up facing the IS menace.

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