Rights Report Politically Motivated

Rights Report Politically Motivated Rights Report Politically Motivated

A member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee criticized the UN special rapporteur on Iran for preparing "politically motivated" reports about the situation of human rights in the country.

"Such claims, however, do not affect Iran's global image," ICANA quoted Avaz Heydarpour as saying.  

The lawmaker said Ahmed Shaheed accuses Iran of violating human rights while he has "no idea about the internal workings of the Islamic Republic which is based on the Islamic Revolution."  

"Iran observes Islamic laws," he said, adding that the law cannot be modified to comply with the wishes of others. He said Iran respects freedom of speech, however, authorities and the media disapprove of "corruption, decadence, and promotion of secular approaches" in the name of freedom.

In his annual report to the UN Human Rights Council, Shaheed called on Iranian officials to place a high priority on amending policies and laws that allegedly undermine or violate internationally recognized rights, including the regulations that "restrict the press, criminalize expression, limit access to information," Reuters reported on Thursday.