Deputy FM Warns Against Yemen Splintering

Deputy FM Warns Against Yemen SplinteringDeputy FM Warns Against Yemen Splintering

The deputy foreign minister warned Against the  consequences of attempts to split Yemen.

"Those who support Aden with the intention of dividing Yemen and sparking a civil war are responsible for the repercussions of their acts," Hossein Amir Abdollahian told IRNA on Monday.

Former Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi fled Sanaa on February 21 after weeks under effective house arrest and went to Aden, where he made it clear he is determined to cling to power.     

Hadi stepped down in January, but the Yemeni parliament did not approve the resignation which he later withdrew after leaving the capital. The Houthi movement, however, said Hadi had lost his legitimacy after escaping Sanaa.

Recently, an aide to Hadi quoted him as saying that the fugitive leader considers Aden to be Yemen's capital.

Referring to the resignation, the deputy foreign minister for Arab and African Affairs said he should have stayed in Sanaa to prevent the crisis gripping the country.

The official pointed to the reported deployment of militants of the so-called Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in northern Yemen, noting that the move is a threat to the security of Yemen and the region.

He reiterated Tehran's support for "national unity, independence and inclusive national dialogue" in Yemen, adding, "The Yemeni people will maintain their national unity and will not allow foreigners to interfere (in their internal affairs)."