Ministry to Prevent 'Dirty Money' Tainting Elections

Ministry to Prevent 'Dirty Money' Tainting ElectionsMinistry to Prevent 'Dirty Money' Tainting Elections

The deputy interior minister warned against the use of “dirty money” in election campaigns.

“Dirty money should not (be allowed to) enter elections and the judiciary will certainly take necessary measures in this regard,” Mohammad Hossein Moqimi said at a conference of provincial officials in Tehran on Sunday.

He called on officials to coordinate their efforts to implement the government’s policies to ensure the proper conduct of next elections, adding, “Achieving this (objective) requires training,” IRNA reported.

The next parliamentary poll and the Assembly of Experts election are scheduled to be held on February 26, 2016.

The interior ministry has warned executive bodies not to finance elections using public and government funds or face prosecution.

“Members of political parties are not allowed to make use of government resources,” Moqimi said, explaining, “However, using their party’s assets to fund their election campaigns is not forbidden.”

Noting that the elections will be held “within the framework of the law,” the official expressed hope that favorable conditions would be provided for nomination of any “eligible” candidate for the elections.

Asked how the use of dirty money can be prevented in the parliamentary election, he said, “We will carry out our responsibilities as the organizer of elections” and those charged with using “illegitimate” money in their campaigns will be treated in accordance with the law relating to money-laundering.