Nuclear Agreement Could Facilitate US Cooperation

Nuclear Agreement Could Facilitate US CooperationNuclear Agreement Could Facilitate US Cooperation

A former nuclear negotiator said the prospective nuclear agreement between Iran and the major powers could set the stage for cooperation with the United States in the battle against the so-called Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

"In the absence of a nuclear deal, it would not be possible to have negotiations on broader issues. But a nuclear deal would pave the way for possible cooperation on broader issues like ISIS (another acronym for IS standing for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria)," Hossein Mousavian said in an interview with the Turkish Anadolu Agency on Friday.

Noting that the talks over the last eighteen months —under the presidency of Hassan Rouhani— have "yielded results", he said a final agreement on Tehran's nuclear program "would decrease the tension between Tehran and Washington."      

Mousavian underlined the "common understanding" the two sides have reached so far on "the principles of a comprehensive agreement" and the "high" chances of clinching a final deal, saying, "Since September 2013, the world powers and Iran have made unprecedented progress," IRNA reported.

The former diplomat's remarks came after the recent round of talks between Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his American counterpart John Kerry in the Swiss city of Montreux held as part of efforts to reach a political framework agreement by the end of this month to set out the key parameters of a final nuclear deal, which is planned to be worked out by a self-imposed June 30 deadline.

Asked what would happen if the negotiations failed, he said, "I believe they would find a way to continue the talks until they strike a final deal," noting," It is extremely difficult for both parties to go backward."

"However, there are still some gaps and therefore no one can guarantee a final deal," he added.