Intervention in Yemen Affairs Denied

Intervention in Yemen Affairs Denied   Intervention in Yemen Affairs Denied

A member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee denied the claim that Iran interferes in Yemen's internal affairs and developments.

"The Yemeni nation, following the example of the Islamic Republic (of Iran), stands against all plots," Esmaeil Kosari told ICANA on Friday.

Referring to the latest developments in the Arab country, he said, "In the current situation, these are the nations that determine their own future. Just a handful of criminal leaders are no longer allowed to do whatever they wish."

He also said the enemies of the Yemeni nation seek to hatch plots in the country, but the people will foil the plots using the model of Iran's Islamic Revolution.    

Kosari strongly rejected the allegations of Iran's involvement in developments in Yemen and said such claims were made even in the 2006 Lebanon War between Hezbollah forces and the Israeli military, but the slightest evidence implicating Iran was not provided.  

The lawmaker added, "We will definitely witness the victory of the Yemeni people against their enemies and the arrogant powers."