Rouhani Calls for Logical Stance From P5+1

Rouhani Calls for Logical Stance From P5+1 Rouhani Calls for Logical Stance From P5+1

President Hassan Rouhani said the negotiating party in the talks with Iran over its nuclear program is expected to adopt a "logical approach" to consider the "interests and stability" of regional countries.

"We hope to witness a logical approach on the part of the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) to have vision and consider the interests of nations and stability in the sensitive Middle East region," IRNA quoted him as saying during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

The only way to enhance regional development and progress is to help establish stability and security, just as the only way to address the long-running nuclear dispute is negotiation, he said, adding, "We are after an agreement that is to the benefit of Iran, the region and the whole world."

Elsewhere, he pointed to the Israeli regime as the only country whose survival is dependent on the continuation of war and conflict, and hence is disturbed by peace and stability in the region, citing the regime's support for the terrorist group of al-Nusra Front as evidence.

Referring to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's remarks on the nuclear talks between Iran and the West in an address to the US Congress, Rouhani said, "Such remarks will never affect the resolve of nations and governments," noting that Tehran's negotiations with the major powers are based on "good will, honesty, confidence and trust."