Tehran Stance Moves Talks on Track

Tehran Stance Moves Talks on Track Tehran Stance Moves Talks on Track

The chairman of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said the course of negotiations between Iran and the major powers on Tehran's nuclear program indicates Tehran's readiness to secure a "good agreement".

In a meeting with Josef Weidenholzer, member of the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, in Tehran on late Monday, Alaeddin Boroujerdi said, "Iran seeks nuclear technology for its peaceful purposes and the course of the negotiations shows Iran is resolved to find solutions for all challenges to reach a good agreement," IRNA reported.

He stated that sanctions failed to affect the Iranian nation's will to gain scientific and technological achievements; on the contrary, they proved to be more detrimental to European countries.

Referring to the latest regional developments, the lawmaker described the conditions in the region as "dangerous" following the moves of terrorist groups, such as the self-declared Islamic State (IS), which present a serious threat to the whole world.

He enumerated two key elements influential in the creation and expansion of terrorist groups in the region, saying one is the emergence of extremist thoughts and the second is the mistake made by the US and some other western states in dividing terrorist groups into good and bad, which is the main reason behind the spread of terrorism in the region and the world.  

The German official, for his part, touched on the scientific and industrial capabilities in Iran and said the country cannot be restrained, adding Europe has adopted wrong policies on Iran over the past years.  

He expressed hope that Iran and the major powers could work out an agreement to settle the nuclear issue which would mark a new chapter in Iran-Europe ties.

Weidenholzer acknowledged that European countries are concerned about the growing extremist tendencies among European youths, noting that all countries should help counter the growing threat of terrorism in the world.

He added that in view of its experience in the campaign against terrorism, Iran can play a critical part in this regard.