Interference in Yemen Denied

Interference in Yemen Denied  Interference in Yemen Denied

A lawmaker dismissed the recent US allegation of Iran’s interference in Yemen’s internal affairs as “political extortion.”

“Whenever the Americans find themselves desperate to level false accusations against Iran, they resort to political extortion,” Safar Naeimi told ICANA on Saturday, adding, “US claims of Iran’s intervention in the internal affairs of regional countries are not something new.”

Noting that Iran feels committed to promoting the Islamic Awakening around the world, he said supporting the movement cannot be considered “meddling in other countries’ internal affairs.”

Criticizing some countries for their “hostile approach” and efforts to tarnish the image of Iran through “false accusations” and “propaganda campaign”, the lawmaker stressed, “While Iran stands by the countries where the wave of the Islamic Awakening has emerged, it has never provided financial support to create chaos in these countries.”

Iran’s diplomacy is based on the principles of good neighborliness with other regional countries and adherence to moral obligations in its international relations, he added.